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Thank-you !

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You asked for it and we listened!  We are so full of GIGGLES to announce three sizes as of 2020, child, youth, and adult. 

 Child size has a small mouth for little hands along with a smaller body cavity and fits up to a 27" waist/tummy, ideal for ages 3 - 6 year old, please note our short hair is only available in child size at this time.

Youth size has a larger mouth and a larger body cavity suitable for ages 7+ wrapping around a waist/tummy size of  32", many adults can fit this size

Adult size is a new size, up until now it was a custom order but our Giggle Gang fan club has been asking for a true adult size, the body cavity is 2 inches longer than the youth and the legs can wrap around a waist/tummy measurement up to 41"



We Are All in This Together!


These are tough times for us all and trying to navigate on how to social distance and be safe and responsible to our families and the community is a challenge. 

The Giggle Gang wanted to give you an update about the production of our Giggle friends. Fortunatley for us the bulk of our material was purchased in 2018 and the most recent stuffing and fur was in our home studio in May 2019 and October 2019. The current Giggles in stock were handmade by myself in early December 2019. With this said if you order a custom piece rest assure we have made some extra safety protocols to the Giggle making process of wiping surfaces down with bleach or an alcohol based wipes, this includes the needles for my sewing machine. I have also included the practice of using gloves and masks when creating our Giggle Gang friends. 

Yes you can still order online, or if you live in or around the Cowichan Vallery area we can meet up or do a drop off, sorry no home visits at our studio at this time. 

We miss you all and can't wait to see everyone again, please post your Giggles on our Facebook page, for they are the one friend you can still hug and hang out with.


Dominica & The Giggle Gang!